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New Horizon Insurance Fresno

Our Address

1109 E Champlain Dr., Fresno, CA 93720


Fresno is our corporate location where you find the expertise of many tied together to ensure all offices are efficiently prepared and able to handle all of your insurance needs. The Fresno office is located in North Fresno near Riverpark and has been servicing clients for 15 years. Here is a little about our staff at this location:


Manuel Whitaker has over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. He founded New Horizon in 2000 and has now grown the
agency to 5 locations. He has an extensive understanding of the insurance industry and he plans to continue to grow the agency.

Broker/ Agents

Trent Whitaker – has been with New Horizon for 5 years. He is knowledgeable and can assist you on your auto, home, general liability, & commercial auto needs.

Juan Berber – is our newest independent agent of our Fresno office. He strives to assist you in all your insurance needs and strives to specialize in commercial policies.

Luis Aceituno


Mandy Kelly

Garrett Sunahara

Niko Whitaker

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